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In many parts of Europe , the issue of depopulation of the countryside, regions, or in some cases whole countries, weighs on the minds of politicians and the public, as an era of freedom of movement means more people are able to migrate to find better opportunities. A recent study by the European Council on Foreign Relations showed that in Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary and Romania, countries where the population has either declined sharply or is flatlining, more people are worried about emigration than they are about immigration.

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The problem is felt acutely in central and eastern Europe, where populations have shrunk dramatically in the decades since the fall of communism, due in part to the traumatic effects of the transition, with high mortality rates, low birth rates, and millions of people travelling to western Europe to seek higher salaries, especially in the years after EU accession. In Bulgaria, for example, the population has shrunk from 9 million to 7 million since The butcher comes once a month, the fruit and veg guy comes once a week and so does the frozen food guy.

There used to be someone who came to sell household cleaning products, but not any more.

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And here we are, a smile on our face, growing food for the world. Terminando de sembrar. The photo was meant mainly for her children, who were staying with their grandmother while their parents worked between Christmas and the Epiphany.

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But the tweet soon found a larger audience. At the end of March, tens of thousands of people marched through the centre of Madrid to demand action on the issue. And, after decades of dominance, the PP could see its countryside vote badly eroded by the centre-right Citizens party and the upstart, far-right Vox party, which has been banging the drum for hunting and bullfighting.

The sudden proliferation of rightwing parties could split the vote and end up helping the socialists win more seats.

Romanian hospitals in crisis as emigration takes its toll

She tries to find it in men but, after an unusual experience in a nail salon, she makes personal changes. The cat pees on the floor, which brings up details about the couple's relationship. Feeling guilty, he decides to rebuild the shed. His wife, Emma, likes having a husband who is good with his hands, but soon feels lonely as Marco spends more and more time on his project. One thing I noticed is that there is no synopsis for the book on amazon.

Also, I editied your link tags for you - you missed out the [ and ] Barnacle Boy! Also, I editied your link tags for you - you missed out the [ and ] Thanks for letting me know. I hope you like the sample. I checked my uk site and saw a product description with a synopsis. Is that what you mean?

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The corner store had Handi-Cure flashing in red letters above the doorway. When Elisa entered, an Asian tune greeted her, followed by an Asian woman wearing a black dress and black lipstick. Her voice was loud and abrasive and she seemed to be the only person there. You want feet? The whole shebang cost thirty dollars. They sat across from one another as the Asian woman prepared a table with nail clippers, cuticle scissors, and various other finger-conditioning instruments.

She pulled out a small silver bottle. Mystery man. I like.

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Treat you good? Sometimes they went to his place. Just sit at computer.

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Work, work, work. All da time.

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The woman yelled something in her Asian language which sounded like all one, winding word to Elisa. A pudgy, bald Asian man emerged from the office and yelled something back. They seemed angry, but when the man went back to work, the woman started smiling.