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As part of your initiation into the College of Winterhold , you will have to participate in an expedition to one of the earliest Nord settlements in Skyrim. This settlement happens to be none other than Saarthal. The related quest, Under Saarthal , is the only way to access the ruin, so join college professor Tolfdir on what is meant as an educational journey for college newcomers. The trek through the ruin will reveal more than one secret, along with the sealed resting place of Jyrik Gauldurson , your next target for the Forbidden Legend quest.

However, make Under Saarthal your active quest for now and follow the walkthrough. Needs verified. After a long trek through the dungeon with Tolfdir, the final chamber will reveal a sight to behold. A huge, glowing orb rotates in the center of the room, seemingly shielded by magic, and Tolfdir will be understandably puzzled. When you approach what turns out to be the Eye of Magnus as revealed during the College of Winterhold quest line , Jyrik Gauldurson will rise from his throne near the table.

Tolfdir will attack him with all he's got, but will soon realize he is invulnerable due to the Eye of Magnus. You will have to keep Jyrik occupied while Tolfdir drains the magic from the eye, which will make Jyrik vulnerable after a short period of time. He uses an ancient Nord war axe but should not give you any trouble once Tolfdir has performed his magic tricks. When he is disposed of, claim his Amulet Fragment , which increases magicka by 30 points and the writ of sealing.

Remember to claim the unique Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson from the table, then speak to Tolfdir. Tolfdir will ask you to return to the College of Winterhold. Make Forbidden Legends your active quest again and leave him through the western door where you will find a boss leveled chest and a word wall with a word for the Ice Form shout.

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According to the research of Daynas Valen, Sigdis Gauldurson was the brother to finally slay Lord Geirmund after the defeat of his other brothers. Sigdis himself fell in the lengthy battle and Geirmund's Hall was to be his final resting place, forever sealed and protected by the earthly remains of Geirmund. Geirmund's Hall is found on an island straight east of Ivarstead , conveniently surrounded by Lake Geir. Compared to the other two tombs, Geirmund's Hall is rather small, but it soon becomes apparent exactly why Geirmund fell to Sigdis.

Upon entering, fight a few resident skeevers and examine yet another dead adventurer. Locate the deep pit in the center of the chamber and make sure you have stocked up on supplies, then take the long fall into the depths, where you will land in an underground lake. Examine the water for a tunnel with some treasure, then head up the wooden bridge and open the door.

Two frostbite spiders will protect their nest and a locked door hiding some minor loot. Beware of the plate triggering a dart trap and proceed to the first a flooded puzzle chamber. Dispose of the residing draugr enemies and claim the leveled soul gem from the plate on the table, but beware of the corresponding battering ram.

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Return to the stairs near the entrance to the chamber and take a look at the symbols on the walls. Facing the stairs leading down into the chamber, the symbols on the left are eagle, whale; on the right, they are whale, snake. Your task is to rotate the pillars on the walls to match these symbols in the same order and on the same walls, so place yourself against the southernmost wall facing north.

Proceed forward and turn the pillars to the left and right to match the symbols near the entrance: Eagle—Whale—Snake—Whale. Pull the lever, head up the stairs, and proceed to the next room, a narrow chamber in two levels. Take the wooden bridge to the upper level and behold the sight of Archmage Geirmund, the mighty slayer of the three brothers, now reduced to a draugr-like skeleton on a pedestal. Read his epitaph and claim the key from his fingers.

Use it to unlock the nearby door, then fight another draugr and a frostbite spider protecting an arcane enchanter.

Take the western stairs and follow the tunnel as it bends until you reach a lever and a raised wooden bridge. Stay away from the obvious lever as it will only release a set of spikes , and investigate the wall to the west of directly behind the obvious lever for hidden lever that will lower the bridge. From the bridge, it is optional to jump down on a secret ledge to the southwest for a locked chest protected by a spellcaster trap.

Get back on track and lower the second bridge for still more draugr enemies and a hall protected by swinging blades. Make your way through and turn them off using the chain on the wall. Proceed forward until you enter a flooded room with several platforms and a mysterious mist coming from the water. This is the final resting place for Sigdis Gauldurson. Before heading up the wooden bridge, take a look around the chamber. All the platforms can easily be reached from below and if you are a melee fighter, you will need this knowledge later. Head up the bridge and approach the coffin, which will cause Sigdis to break out and immediately teleport to any one of the three pedestals around the room.

He will then conjure two illusions of himself, placed on the platforms. If you kill the illusions, Sigdis will simply teleport and create two new ones, so there's not much point in going after the illusions at all. You must find the real Sigdis and defeat him. If you approach Sigdis, he will generally try to deal one more hit of damage before teleporting and summoning new illusions.

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  • This rapid room-crossing can be tricky to overcome for melee-dependent classes. Ranged classes can quickly climb onto either of the central platforms and snipe away. Sigdis will neither teleport to nor create illusions on the platform you are standing on, however he can knock you off the platform with his Unrelenting Force shout and do heavy damage with his bow as you struggle to your feet. Use your combat method of choice and defeat the hard boss.

    Keep an eye on your health at all times and be careful he doesn't disarm you. Doing this will reveal a tunnel behind his coffin leading to his treasure room, which includes the boss-leveled chest, the Two-handed skill book Words and Philosophy , and some scattered potions and soul gems. Find the nearby tunnel and follow it to a lever that will lower a rock wall and bring you right back to the pit you jumped into near the entrance. After conquering Saarthal, Folgunthur, and Geirmund's Hall and defeating the undead reincarnations of Jyrik, Mikrul, and Sigdis, the time has finally come to reforge the three Gauldur Amulet Fragments and put the legend to rest.

    You are pointed towards Reachwater Rock , a cave hidden underneath one of the waterfalls running into Karth River , southeast of Markarth. Enter the cave and head downstream.

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    There is an adept locked chest in the water, plus a skeleton not far away at the bottom of the pond with some armor. Climb back out of the water and up to the central plateau with a deceased adventurer and a podium with the emerald dragon claw , along with the unsettling ancient edict.

    Head to the door and examine your new dragon claw for the combination Bear—Whale—Snake and rotate the rings to match. Insert the claw in the keyhole and the door will open, along with three similar doors further ahead.

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    Another puzzle door will block your path, and this time you will need the ivory dragon claw you claimed back in Folgunthur. Rotate the rings to match the Hawk—Hawk—Dragon symbols on the claw and follow the corridor a long way down toward a huge chamber with a set of stairs in the center. Notice the many coffins surrounding the area and make your way to the three Amulet Pedestals. Place a fragment on top of each pedestal and listen to the sound of the gate closing behind you. The ghosts of all three murderous brothers will now appear over the pedestals and you will have to fight them all, one by one.

    First up is Mikrul, who appears near the recently closed gate along with an army of draugr thrall. Pick the chaotic fight and watch the ghost of Mikrul disappear and kneel next to his brothers when you slay him. Next up is Sigdis, the hardest of the three, who will repeat his old trick, spawning three fake clones this time around instead of two.

    As before, the real Sigdis has a different helmet with curved horns, making him easy to identify. Jyrik is the last of the three, and he will teleport himself around at random times and summon daedric enemies to help him out. Take him down and watch the last of the three ghosts fall to the ground. As the three of them try to get back on their feet, Gauldur himself will appear and blow them all away with a gigantic explosion.

    He will then forge the three amulet pieces into one, finally ending the curse and providing your reward.

    Ancient Forces Collection

    The complete Gauldur Amulet increases your health, magicka, and stamina by 30 points. Before you leave, take a look at the skeleton remains of Gauldur, the powerful wizard murdered by his own sons thousands of years ago. Search the bones for a considerable amount of gold, then leave.

    On your way out, a hidden wall will have lowered, revealing even more rewards for your tireless quest for the truth: a boss leveled treasure chest. Even today, few sources remain, and no bard will tell the tale.

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    But perhaps the truth yet remains in some ancient ruin, waiting to be unearthed. For nothing is ever truly forgotten. A total of 24 fixed copies can be found scattered around Skyrim, with the majority of the copies only available during quests or dungeon diving. This is a list of the ten copies that can be found and studied without any prerequisite actions or consequences, all of them found in larger cities. Remember, it is not opening a book that constitutes a crime, but stealing the book will be considered a crime.

    Jump to: navigation , search. Gauldur 's coffin breaks open. The Gauldur Amulet. Any text displayed in angle brackets e. Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done. Menu Bibles Bibles. Children Childrens Bibles Childrens Books.

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