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Coca cultivation was legalised and respect for Pachamama — the Andean earth mother — enshrined in the constitution. Half of the national assembly were women, many of them indigenous, who wore jaguar skins and flowing pollera skirts with newfound pride. Morales quelled a separatist revolt by wealthier, lowland provinces.

Every year he remained in power — returning with greater majorities in and — was an achievement of sorts, in a country famous for putsches, assassinations and revolutions. At home, he incessantly toured in his presidential plane, pressing the flesh and cutting ribbons.

Exile: Torn Away, Torn Down and Torn Up

His party trick, one Mas legislator recalled, was to identify individual hamlets from the air and recite from memory how his government had helped: a school here, a sports ground there. Morales disdained to groom a successor.

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Morales backtracked on promises, seeking to drive a highway through the Tipnis indigenous reserve. He loosened environmental protections, contributing to manmade wildfires that scorched some 4 million hectares 15, sq miles in A new constitution allowed Morales to run for a third term in For his fourth attempt, he first sought approval in a referendum, which was narrowly rejected. The spark to this deeply combustible scenario came on election day, when a preliminary vote count was abruptly paused after its electricity, internet and phone access were cut.

Vienna Lager in Exile

When the tallying resumed 24 hours later, Morales had surpassed the 10 percentage-point lead needed to defeat his rival, Mesa, in the first round. Description Culled from previously unpublished material, this collection of writing and photography by John Howard Griffin was taken from the period during which he was writing and revising what would be his most famous book, the bestselling Black Like Me.

Living in exile in Mexico at the time, along with his young family and aging parents, Griffin had been forced from his home town of Mansfield, Texas, by death threats from local white racists. Knowing that he would become a controversial public figure once he returned to the states, he kept an intimate journal of his ethical queries on racism and injustice-and to escape from his worries he also immersed himself in the culture of the Tarascan Indians of Michoacan.

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  7. Accordingly, Robert Bonazzi's introduction contains substantial unpublished portions of the journals, and the main body of the book is made up of three essays by Griffin-one on photography and two about trips he made to photograph rural Mexico. About the Author John Howard Griffin is best known as the author of the classic Black Like Me, first published in , an account of his experiences traveling through the American deep South disguised as a black man.

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