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She married the Rev.

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Jacob A. Eckstorm of Chicago in , and they moved to Eastport, Maine. Eckstorm and her two children moved back to Brewer following her husband's death. She contributed articles to Bird-Lore and the Auk , before publishing her first two books in Eckstorm founded Brewer's public library in and was active in the suffragette movement and in Republican politics. Her books and articles were often concerned with the Penobscot Valley of Maine. Besides her books below, Eckstorm also wrote a widely note critique on Thoreau's Maine Woods , contributed to Louis C. Hatch's Maine: A History , and wrote articles on Indian legends.

Born in Portland, Edward H. Elwell was a journalist and writer.


In the same year Elwell and some other investors then combined the Northern Pioneer with the Transcript. Elwell was also one of the newly created newspaper's editors.

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Barbara Damrosch is a professional landscape gardener, and has worked in horticulture since During the and seasons she appeared regularly on the PBS series Victory Garden , and had a year run as co-host of Gardening Naturally on the Learning Channel, from to Emerson, born in rural Liberty, New York, lives in Wilton, Maine, and has written over 20 historical and contemporary romances, historical mysteries, children's books, and non-fiction works of history.

She's an active member of Sisters in Crime. Ted Enslin was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, to parents who were both classical scholars. Enslin studied musical composition privately in Massachusetts at an early age with Francis Judd Cooke and with the great Nadia Boulanger, who recognised his writing talent.

He also attended the New England Conservatory of Music. Enslin moved to Temple, Maine in , and with his second wife, Alison Jane Jose married , to the coastal Washington County village of Milbridge in the s. Besides his long and prolific career as a writer, Enslin has also supported himself by making homemade walking sticks.

While very well-respected by critics and by other poets, Enslin's career has been one of relative obscurity, partly because he is not a self-promoter and he has no academic affiliation. Enslin doesn't see himself as a regional writer, although the Maine landscape has influenced his poems. Enslin's poems are musical, and indeed he has commented "I've often said that I like to be considered as a composer who happens to use words instead of notes.

The greatest compliment that anyone could pay me: 'He was a composer who happened to use words. Davis lives in East Blue Hill with her husband, together they have six children and four grand-children. For nearly 20 years and over 10 books she was published in NY and elsewhere. In , she founded the publishing company, Heartsong Books.

Davis is also a lay-healer and community caregiver. Previously, she worked as a teacher, an editor, a counselor, and a cafe owner. Abbie Evans, noted poet of the natural world, was born in Bristol, Maine and moved to Camden as a teenager. When she was 18, she experienced a serious illness that affected her eyesight and she was unable to read or write for ten years. She spent much of her time observing the natural world as she wandered through the woods and fields in the town. Her frequent companion was Edna St. Vincent Millay whom Evans met when she was Millay's Sunday school teacher. When Evans was 28, she enrolled at Radcliffe College where she earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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After the war she was a social worker and then returned to the teaching profession. Although she lived in Philadelphia, she spent her summer vacations in Maine. Bowdoin College recognized Evans' literary contribution when it granted her an honorary degree in Evans reads poems from her first three collections. In , the year of Evans' th birthday, Down East honored Evans by publishing a feature story on her in the February issue. Mary C. Jane wrote the article titled Nourished on the Mountain's flinty bread. The following year he was selected as an artist in residence with the Wisconsin Arts Board.

He was a recipient of the Butler Prize for Critical Writing in In he accepted an English department appointment at the University of Maine in Orono. Among the courses he taught were American and European fiction, critical theory, Stephen King, and popular culture. He was also one of the original distance learning professors and received the Friends of Distance Education Achievement Award in Everman was also a jazz fan who played trumpet in a number of bands and also wrote reviews and published interviews.

Born in Portland some sources say Bangor , Owen Davis lived in Bangor until he was 15 years old, when his family moved to Kentucky. He attended the University of Tennessee for a year and then transferred to Harvard where he majored in geology.

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He left Harvard before completing his degree and worked as a geologist and mining engineer. In Davis went to New York City to work in the theater. His first successful play was produced in This was the beginning of one of the most prolific American theater careers. He is reported to have written between and plays; the exact number is difficult to determine as he used a variety of pseudonyms such as Arthur Lamb, Martin Hurly, Walter Lawrence, George Walker, and John Oliver. In addition, most of his plays were not published in book form and are therefore difficult to locate. Even the Library of Congress lists only thirty-seven entries for Davis' dramas, screen adaptations, and books.

His early plays were called melodramas and were named after the price of the seats. As the majority of the people in the audience were immigrants with limited English skills, Davis stressed visual effects rather than dialogue. Between and , there was at least one Owen Davis play produced in New York each season. Despite popular success and financial rewards from such plays, Davis began to write more realistic dramas after Icebound , which explores the quarrelsome relationships of the icebound Veazie, Maine, Jordan family, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Davis wrote film and radio scripts as well as plays in the s. During this time he is reported to have had strong connections to the Lakewood Summer Theater, known at the time as Broadway in Maine, in Skowhegan, Maine. In the late s, Davis left Hollywood to return to the New York stage.

Wild by Tart, Belgravia

His last play was produced in Davis worked diligently to promote copyright laws for both films and plays. Lura Beam -- teacher, researcher, and writer -- was born in Marshfield, Maine, near Machias in Washington County, and graduated from the local high school in Her first two years of college were spent at the University of California, Berkeley.

She then transferred to Barnard College, from which she graduated in For the next three years she taught in southern black schools that were directed by the American Missionary Association. Beam then became an administrator for the Association. She earned an M. Her entire career of teaching, research, administration and writing was spent in the non-profit area. The two women remained committed friends and companions until Bryant's death in Often the two women spent their summer vacations in Marshfield. Bryant, fascinated by small town life, encouraged Beam to write the book for which she is best known in Maine.

Chenoweth Hall was an artist, musician, writer and teacher. Chennie, as her friends knew her, was born in New Albany, Indiana and spent her formative years in New York. In Hall moved to Prospect Harbor where she shared a home with writer Miriam Colwell for over fifty years. Hall wrote short stories and published two books.

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Before her retirement in , Hall was artist-in-residence and associate professor of art at the University of Maine, Machias, for ten years. One of her most noted sculptures is a 4. Hall died April 19,, in Ellsworth. Her watercolors and sculpture continue to be shown in Maine galleries. Papers are located at the Smithsonian Institution.