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While laying her eggs, they are fertilized with the sperm that has been stored in her body since mating. Some butterflies lay a single egg, while others may lay their eggs in clusters. A sticky substance produced by the female enables the eggs to stick where ever she lays them, either on the underside of a leaf or on a stem. Butterflies are cold-blooded and cannot withstand winter conditions in an active state.

Butterflies may survive cold weather by hibernating in protected locations. They may use the peeling bark of trees, perennial plants, logs or old fences as their overwintering sites. They may hibernate at any stage egg, larval, pupal or adult but generally each species is dormant in only one stage. Another way that butterflies can escape cold weather is by migrating to a warmer region.

Some migrating butterflies, such as the painted lady and cabbage butterfly, fly only a few hundred miles, while others, such as the monarch, travel thousands of miles. Monarchs are considered the long-distance champions of butterfly migration, traveling as many as miles round trip.

They begin their flight before the autumn cold sets in, heading south from Canada and the northern United States. Monarchs migrate to the warmer climates of California, Florida and Mexico, making the trip in two months or less and feeding on nectar along the way.

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Once arriving at their southern destination, they will spend the winter resting for the return flight. Few of the original adults actually complete the trip home. Instead, the females mate and lay eggs along the way and their offspring finish this incredible journey. Butterflies and caterpillars are preyed upon by birds, spiders, lizards and various other animals.

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

Largely defenseless against many of these hungry predators, Lepidoptera have developed a number of passive ways to protect themselves. One way is by making themselves inconspicuous through the use of camouflage. Caterpillars may be protectively colored or have structures that allow them to seemingly disappear into the background.

For example, many caterpillars are green, making them difficult to detect because they blend in with the host leaf. Some larvae, particularly those in the Tropics, bear a resemblance to bird droppings, a disguise that makes them unappealing to would-be predators. The coloration and pattern of a butterfly's wings may enable it to blend into its surrounding.

Some may look like dead leaves on a twig when they are at rest with their wings closed. The under wing markings of the comma and question mark butterflies help them to go unnoticed when hibernating in leaf litter. The heart, reproductive organs and much of the digestive system are located in an insect's abdomen. A butterfly or moth is the adult stage of a caterpillar. Butterfly antennae are used for balance and for detecting smells and wind speed.

On the other hand, warm blooded animals are able to regulate their own internal body heat and their bodies stay at a fairly constant temperature, regardless of their surroundings. Also, dormant verb.

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The larva or caterpillar hatches from a butterfly egg. The mouthparts, eyes and antennae are located here. Butterflies that hibernate in the winter may do so at any stage of development, depending on the species. Most often, however, hibernation occurs during the pupal stage. Also, hibernate verb. The behavior is known without having been taught. Also, instinctively adverb. Caterpillars have mandibles, but adult butterflies do not.

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Butterflies undergo "complete metamorphosis" and their appearance changes completely from the larval to adult stage. Insects which go through a "simple metamorphosis", such as a grasshopper, change only gradually in appearance during these stages. Some butterflies, such as the monarch, may migrate thousands of miles in order to avoid winter conditions. Other types of butterflies may only migrate a relatively short distance.

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Also, migrate verb. The insect grows a larger one to replace the one that is shed. Butterflies give off pheromones in order to attract a mate. Generally more males that females puddle and it is believed that the salts and nutrients in the puddles are needed for successful mating. The scales give the butterfly wings their color and beauty. Butterflies have four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.

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He wrote Corporate Caterpillars - How to Grow Wings to provide a kind of "blueprint" you can use to create your own individual and corporate transformation to move from limited to limitless. The book is not modeled on a single analogy like the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, nor does it reduce the concept to a set of simple steps. But it does strive to recognize the richness of reasons why we often seem to be left with few choices.

Everything shows up exactly when it is supposed to, just like this book! You are holding this book perhaps because you feel that either you or your company is stuck in some way.

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But it does strive to recognize the richness of reasons why we often seem to be left with few choices. Everything shows up exactly when it is supposed to, just like this book! You are holding this book perhaps because you feel that either you or your company is stuck in some way. As an individual, maybe you have caught yourself repeating a pattern to sabotage your efforts to get to where you want to be.

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