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True confidence can only come with time, not a priori. It does help to be optimistic, and you can certainly derive comfort from your track record.

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Your history of successfully completing projects or tasks, acquiring new skills and maintaining your motivation and commitment can help. However, it is unrealistic to feel confident about a new task or project or skill. As you become more skilled, as you see results, as you experience success, you become more confident and you need not invoke courage as much.

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However, when you start, you can only draw on courage. That is all you ever have — your courage.

Author: M.J. Crawford

So courage is more important than confidence. We spend a lot of time seeking more confidence. We wait to feel confident before we take action. This is a mistake, because we will never feel confident until we try and succeed. Or fail and try again before we get it right. If we wait for confidence to begin, we might end up waiting for a long time, or forever. Which is why courage is more important than confidence.. What are you putting off today as you wait to feel more confident?

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What would help you muster the courage to get something important started? Sign in. Get started. Directory Podcast Write for Us. We tend to use these words interchangeably, but the distinction is important. When we say confidence, we usually mean courage.

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Or should. Narayan Kamath Follow. Better Humans Better Humans is a collection of the world's most trustworthy writing on human potential and self improvement by coaches, academics, and aggressive self-experimenters.

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Articles are based on deep personal experience, science, and research. No fluff, book reports, or listicles. Entrepreneurship Self Improvement Productivity. As an Executive Coach and Mentor, I help committed people like you Unleash Your True Potential, and achieve greater success and fulfilment — at work and in life. Better Humans Follow. I have talked to thousands of folks about courageous people in their personal lives, asking them what they thought provided the courage.

Aim Higher: There is No Success without Courage

Three themes have emerged. Courageous people are often other-centric, finding great meaning in helping their fellow beings; they have good role models whose principles they imbibe; and many find great courage from their faith. A combination of these paths helps such people lead lives driven by passion and meaning rather than fear.

These three themes are connected by the single principle that most people with an abundance of courage live by higher values. The values they protect power their courage.

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The values of compassion and forgiveness, higher meaning and selflessness, patience and contentment, are timeless and powerful. They provide strength to anyone who lives to protect them. If you become their temporary custodian, you become indestructible in the process. By Dana Sparks. Take care. Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest. Please login or register to post a reply.

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