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As she was struggling to figure out where to go from Wyeth, LaValley discovered an article on equineassisted therapy. It was then that she realized what kind of business she wanted to create. Living on the farm for three months, she learned how to teach horseback riding to physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged individuals.

I missed their first day of school, Halloween, and they all lived on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. In the end, we survived, and I earned an advanced certification in equine-assisted therapy. Now 17, the young man continues to have weekly riding lessons throughout the May-November season. According to his mother, equine therapy has helped her son progress by leaps and bounds. I surprised myself at how much I loved it. Therapy programs choose horses of any breed that they find to be calm, even-tempered, gentle, serviceably sound, and well-trained both under saddle and on the ground.

As most equine-assisted therapy is done at slow speeds, an older horse that is not in its athletic prime, but is intelligent, experienced, and intuitive is sometimes used. Suitable horses move freely and have good quality gaits, especially the walk.

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Each individual animal has natural biological traits but also has a unique personality with its own likes, dislikes and habits. Paying attention to what the animal is trying to communicate is helpful both in therapy sessions, and also prevents burnout for the horse. The horse, a sentient being, is considered a partner in the therapy process. She is a gray year-old quarterhorse, and the first horse LaValley purchased for the business.

The Magic of the Horse

She knows when to challenge a rider, and when to take care of them. Another beloved equine is Gidget, a Shetland pony and at 35, the oldest horse on the farm. We use her to teach grooming and leading skills. It was a very proud moment was when he returned to the show pen and placed third in the quarterhorse show circuit.

LaValley, who lives nearby, begins her day at 7 a. She does her own bookkeeping and record keeping. Her husband, daughters, and niece, Mallory Tourville, all provide assistance with the horses and the chores, especially during haying season from June-August. A group of local volunteers also helps.

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I usually take Friday and Sunday off. Students come from 9 a. LaValley limits the summer camp attendees to eight participants.

More Than Just a Race Track

Equine-assisted therapy EAT encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health. Working with individuals who have physical, cognitive, and emotional issues, EAT can strengthen bodies and minds, and offer lifelong opportunities for recreation and well-being. While regular blenders have a low RPM when it comes to their spinning capability to blend liquid ingredients, bullet blenders spin at speeds of up to 24, RPM to grind and crush seeds, vegetable flesh, and fruits, stems and pits to extract the nutritious vitamins.

High-speed bullet blenders such as the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet blenders have steel blades that are uniquely shaped to grind and crush the stems and pits to get the nutrients. They also have a milling blade that grinds nuts, coffee, seeds, and beans. The Magic Bullet and Nutribullet are perfect examples of bullet blenders that are popularly known.

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Below is our review of the two blenders both from Homeland Housewares. Also Read: Vitamix vs Ninja. Compared to other bullet brands, the Magic Bullet only sells one style and size.

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The one size one style feature makes it stand out from other bullet brands. This product also comes with a one-year free warranty. When it comes to buying, one can buy the Magic Bullet on online stores such as Amazon, from the company or in stores.

In terms of capacity, it dwarfs the Nutribullet as it comes with two different cups that measure 18 ounces and 12 ounces. The Magic Bullet has a motor power of watts. Because of its low power, this bullet blender produces thick smoothies and cannot be used to crush ice. The Nutribullet brand offers a wide range of blending merchandise in various capacities, sizes, and horsepower. The Nutribullet is a more advanced blender from the Magic Bullet that it follows in the bullet series.

And, unlike the Magic Bullet, the Nutribullet has a motor power of watts. While it makes good smoothies, there are certain limitations to the ingredient you can use.

This product can be used when making a soft vegetable or fruit smoothie. Its milling blade is uniquely made to tend to any seeds. Although a smoothie from the Nutribullet may not be all that compared to smoothies produced by other blenders in the Nutribullet series, still it can hold. That is, of course, thanks to its low power motor.

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Also, it takes a few minutes to have your drink ready. The milling blades can comfortably grind different seeds, coffee beans, and rolled oats. This bullet blender can help you make various food recipes thus ensuring you are eating healthy. The material used to make this blender is dishwasher-safe. The Nutribella model is affordable and has a superior quality hence will serve you for a lengthy period before you can get another one.

While there are differences in the pricing, cost, and accessories, deciding which blender is the best bullet blender between the two should be largely based on your needs and not really on the cost or accessories. While both have their pros and cons, what best fits your needs is what you should go with. If, however, you want a sturdier blender, then consider buying the Nutribullet.

Even at that, successor bullet blenders have been released since the two.

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You will need to weigh your options and pick what works for you. Overall between the two, the Nutribullet is more powerful than the Magic Bullet. Also, read reviews on Amazon between the two bullet blenders and make your pick. I hope to inspire you to make one positive step towards your juicing or blending journey through visiting this site.