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Professional helpers who find themselves wanting to avoid or work through second-hand trauma. First Choice Health. View Email. We can release limited beliefs that keep us stuck, release cellular memories of past trauma's, create healthy shifts in behavioral patterns, nurture loving relationships, improve our physical health and live a conscious and empowered life. Trained in intensive Grief Therapy using left-right brain bi lateral stimulation.

Within a safe and trusted relationship, change and growth can happen.

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I always appreciate the courage it takes to make that first appointment. Change is not easy. When not changing becomes ever more painful and difficult, therapy can help chart a new coarse. Whether you are experiencing a serious illness or have lost a loved one, anticipating a divorce, or are currently suffering ongoing repercussions from early abuse or a trauma, the resulting grief can be overwhelming to your usual way of coping.

My work with struggling couples is to foster hope when it has been lost. I collaborate with parents, their children and teens to address and resolve behavioral issues and developmental challenges. If you struggle with anxiety, grief or depression, I will work alongside of you in a non-judgmental fashion to explore issues and apply new skills to help you overcome the challenges you are facing. I have 10 plus years of experience.

Complex medical issues, loss of independence, losing loved ones, financial insecurity and many other challenges can be totally overwhelming. You might feel alone in these struggles and it's easy for sadness, anxiety and despair to set in. I want you to know that you are not alone! I can help you navigate these hardships and find renewed hope, purpose and joy in life.

How to Stop Self-Destructive Behavior

I will partner together with you and help you feel understood, find solutions and regain your quality of life! Seeking therapy is a brave and vulnerable step. My specialty is counseling children, teens, and adults who are strong, but feel weighed down by trauma, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and self worth. Perhaps you are searching because something feels broken in your life: relationships are disconnected, or an event haunts you from the past, or your emotions are overwhelming. Perhaps you are plagued by hidden grief or rejection, and you feel restless or wounded as a result. You are not alone, and you don't have to stay stuck.

You may believe recovery is not possible and that you're destined to live a life of misery. I am here to tell you that you can heal and be happy instead of sad and anxious. I help individuals who suffer from trauma, anxiety disorders and OCD. I also work well with individuals who struggle to regulate their emotions or participate in self-destructive behaviors. In therapy we work together on understanding how your thoughts, belief systems, and feelings play a role in your life.

Refine Results First Choice Health. Types of Therapy. Online Therapy. This helped more than you could ever imagine. Thats what brought me to this site. Searching for explainations regarding my enlightenment. To see if others share my story. As far as I know, there is no other way, there is no shortcut, to learning how to love than surrendering to the process, letting go of old self-serving fears, defenses, and rigid beliefs; letting go of narcissism. Waking up and realizing that every one else is asleep! Good to know that other people have felt the love and oneness as well.

The ego shattering experience changed my entire perception of life and self.

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Personally my white light moment s were centered around drug addiction and recovery. I suggest that anyone interested check out the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Very good read! I went through the same experience very recently, it was amazing or a while but slowly dissipated.

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I am now trying to find it again as the ego continues to grow back I think. My journey has just started! I didnt leave the house for weeks…i was terrified to have the scales ripped off my eyes. I tried to reach out to people closest to me and they thought i was losing my mind. It passes but it doesnt pass too. Its always there and its up to the enlightened what to do with it. The loneliness led to self hate, blame and shame and finally drug use. Always wanted to love myself but never knew how.

Thank you. Im in the teeth of this and yes feel all the fear and the anger.

Amazing piece, confirmation that we are beacons of light through broken vessels. One of the best pieces that I have ever read on this subject. I bow in great gratitude. Excellent article at moments it seemed i was writing my story with health and other issues all coming together tearing us down.


However we are not alone. We live in the Material Realm. If we can Liberate after awakening that Self and uniting it with that Self in Spiritual Realm we become complete. The notion of other, or something completing us is a marketing gimmick to sell us the matrix of lies. Anyhow once complete we are as u said in Love, except its a constant state, its like coming out of 3 dimensional world to exist free of time 4D and find urself complete in 5D state momin.

There is only the current perception, not a constant one. I saw and knew all this before… all the facades, false beliefs, all the ugliness and emptiness, yet I went on. I held similar deep spiritual beliefs of my own. I thought we were all valuable, all life meaningful. My previously healthy ego turned into one of self hate. I went into such darkness for so long I stopped feeling.

More Feminist Than Thou: Moving Beyond Self-Defeating “Choose-My-Choice” Feminism

I spent so long in the darkness and am only really emerging the past several months. I struggle to exist in this world now. I still have to get up each day and care for my children. I have to exist in this lying realm of ridiculous systems. I am an unwilling participant, and very few comprehend.

There has been no further revelation of deep anything… I had that all before my world caught fire. I see proclamations like this, that talk of deep awakening, that mock the false beliefs of the herd around them, and I see it as they see the others. Bumbling around in the dark with artificial light. There are no more illusions. I understand you. In the past there was a lot of hate in me too.

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And this was the beginning of the dark night. I had no energy, had no focus, had no dreams, no nothing. Just felt like going down and down, not knowing who I was anymore. Not worthy of nothing…It was a really difficult period, because the Ego begin to die, the illusions were percieved as so, and I felt I had nothing and I was nothing. This was the Ego feeling as is your Ego feeling too.

Word Empowerment Broadcast: Forgiveness (How To Handle Those Who Hate You Without Cause)

Why self hate? You receive who you are.