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Steiner believed that human beings had evolved to the point where material existence had obscured spiritual capacities and that Christ had come to reverse that trend and to inaugurate an age of spiritual reintegration. He advocated that education, art, agriculture, and science be based on spiritual principles and infused with the psychic powers he believed were latent in everyone. The world center of the Anhthroposophical Society today is in Dornach, Switzerland, in a building designed by Steiner.

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The nonproselytizing society is noted for its schools. Angels : Selected Lectures. Rudolf Steiner. Religious and spiritual writings have always made reference to beings from the spiritual hierarchies, especially those known in Christian tradition as Angels.

Nature Spirits: Selected Lectures

These spirits are the closest to human beings and act as our invisible guides and companions. They influence the life of the individual as well as the evolution of humanity and the cosmos. From his own clairvoyant vision, Rudolf Steiner confirmed the existence of such spiritual beings and showed how modern minds could gain access to their world. As he explains in these inspiring lectures, it is important for us to understand and cooperate with the work of the Angels today as this is crucial for the further development of humanity.

The Work of the Angel in our Astral Body. Their modern representation as painted suburban statues is a mutation of their real form as chthonic entities, constantly working and moving the primal forces of metamorphosis in the earth. Above ground the watery Undines look after the chemistry of growth, existing as amorphous beings in every drop of moisture, and clinging to leaf and bark to nurture.

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Steiner asks us to look at a drop of water on a leaf and to put our thoughts into it completely, to the exclusion of all else. It moves, is absorbed, and reflects light, until its chemical compounds are integrated into the physical body of the plant. Within it are the Undines , visible if you are able to think them into existence. The Sylphs are the nature spirits of the air, most familiar as aerial faeries, accompanying the pollinating insects and ensuring the transmission of life from male to female.

They exist purely as agents of transference, without intellect or intent, but with an absolute commitment to bringing the life-force of nature from one place to the other by way of the air. Finally, the Salamanders are the metaphysical components of light and heat. It might be suggested that their supernatural status has been compromised by modern quantum physics, which has made them into sub-atomic photons, which will only exist when they are observed by a conscious observer.

They are the simplest of the nature spirits, corresponding to the photon as the most reduced life-force upon which all else is dependent. Heady stuff? This is a theory of formative causation in nature:. Morphogenesis also depends on organising fields. The same arguments apply to the development of animals. Since the s many developmental biologists have proposed that biological organisation depends on fields, variously called biological fields, or developmental fields, or positional fields, or morphogenetic fields.

There are invisible forces that are essential in ordering life on earth, something that conventional science accepts in the case of gravitational waves or magnetism, but has a hard time with when it comes to life itself.

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Call them what you will, but they exist, and are essential in maintaining reproductive life; they are a form of consciousness responsible for the creation and sustenance of matter. They are the memory of nature. As a concrete example of the nature spirits or morphogenetic fields in action, we might take the example of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Due to straightened circumstances they moved to Findhorn near the Moray Firth, a barren, sandy piece of land, in a caravan, and attempted to begin cultivation.

She passed on her communications to the Caddys, instructions and advice from the nature spirits, and within a year the dunes were transformed into lush vitality. Findhorn became famous for pound cabbages, and within two harvests they had created a sustainable smallholding, even selling surplus produce in the local neighbourhood. Dorothy described the supernatural beings as energy forms, working behind the seen material state of the vegetation. She described the devas as holding:. One of the ways he heals these landscapes is through what he calls lithopuncture , art installations of standing stones, meant to act upon the earth in the same way as acupuncture works on the human or animal body.

Marko suggests that our prehistoric ancestors were full-time collaborators with the nature spirits, and were using their own lithopuncture partly to induce harmony and regulation to their surrounding environments. My effort as an artist and a human being is to get intimate experience of those invisible dimensions and beings, and share the experience and knowledge about the invisible worlds of Earth and Universe with my fellow human beings to change that extremely dangerous pattern that ignores the sources of life itself.

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So where does this leave us with the faeries? In some ways much of their representation in folklore is at odds with this discussion of them as nature spirits and elementals. Their folkloric mischievous immorality does not seem to correspond with the perception of them as energy fields feeding the vital life-force of nature. But this misses the point somewhat.

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The faeries of folklore and the nature spirits do fit in to a single phenomenon of supernatural beings that need to be observed, understood and propitiated by humans. They are two sides of the same coin. They are also usually invisible, ultra-dimensional beings only perceptible when the human brain re-tunes itself to an altered state of consciousness. Rudolf Steiner suggested that it is thought itself that makes them manifest, and that clairvoyance is the method for allowing our consciousness to cross the barrier between the sense world and the supersensible world.

The faeries and the nature spirits live in the collective consciousness of humanity, only interacting with the material world when we fully accept them for what they really are. NB: Rudolf Steiner was prescient on many levels. He continued his warnings about their agenda until his death in I write about my subversive thoughts I have a published novel, "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", and a second novel is on its way, where some very cosmic faeries are awaiting the protagonist at a psychiatric hospital in View all posts by neilrushton.

Atala Dorothy Toy: Nature Spirits in an Alternate Reality

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