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He prayed for their sanctification. Sanctification is the experience of the Christian life subsequent to Salvation. This second work of grace brings deeper and inner — 1 Humility; 2 Holiness; 3 Honesty; 4 Happier Home — unity and peace; 5 Higher Honour — heaven honours you and people too, for they can see transparency in you; 6 Heavenly-mindedness — you always want to please God; and 7 Heavenly Hope — you are not afraid of death or the Rapture because your hope is in heaven.

God wants holiness within and without; clean hands, which is salvation and pure heart, which is sanctification Psalms ,4; ,7. Not a white-washed sepulcher but in your inward, attitude and inner heart and life, there is this work of grace that has taken place. Isaiah ; Psalms ; Ezekiel Salvation is when a sinner is deeply sorry for his sins, repents, seeks and is forgiven and he is cleansed; he is made as white as snow; but at Sanctification the stony heart is taken out and he is given a new heart of flesh — he is made whiter than snow.

Poor in spirit, you come just as you are to receive forgiveness and mercy from God, after which you experience salvation. So it is clear from the word of God that there is salvation which cleanses our outward lives, and then sanctification which makes our hearts pure. Acts ; Hebrews ; 1 Peter , John ; 2 Corinthians ; Ephesians ,32; Revelations ;. Look at the disciples of Christ before Him, and all those who are going to believe on Him through what they have written in the Gospels and Epistles.

What name can you give to those people?

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This is talking about the Body of Christ, believers; we are the chaste, pure, holy and sanctified virgins of Christ. The Church is the bride, wife, of Christ, and He gave Himself for her, to sanctify her and present to Himself, not an ordinary, traditional, religious, denominational or ritualistic church, but a glorious Church. There are three things here:. Jesus gave us the pattern, and here is the picture He left with us, that we all be one.

There should be no disagreement, conflict or argument among us, that we are all one.

Novena to St. Francis of Assisi – Ascension

May this picture of unity of the sanctified reign and be seen in every local and the whole Church in Jesus Name. We shall all speak the same thing, no dissenting voice among us, but we all agree together, and this not just on paper, but let it be evident in our lives 1 Corinthians Do your best to help others to contribute in the fellowship, give chance to others, not control or brow-beat them, but endeavor to keep the unity.

If we are sanctified then we should be likeminded Philippians We are to be together, let all the distinctions and rough edges be put them together and be transformed into bringing an acceptable and pleasant offering unto Christ.

So shall we be. The power of unity will bring fruitfulness, bringing men to Christ. Matthew — When we have this experience we will take the gospel to the world, and the people of the world will believe and accept the gospel.

Single-mindedness, Integrity, and Diligence Through Grace

Mark Now that you are saved and sanctified take the gospel to the world and do it with real passion and zeal, and through us together and united we are going to reach many in Jesus Name. The Lord will reconcile the world to Himself by sanctified witnesses, soul winners, members of the church, the Bride of Christ 2 Corinthians John ; ,23; Romans ; 1 John ,13,16; Acts ,47; ; Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the world.

There was a purpose for the kind of unity Jesus was praying about: that we will remain perfect in one, and that the world will know, through our preaching, that the Father has sent Him. Q: Dr. Winston, many know you as a pastor through your program on Daystar, but you were a decorated fighter pilot serving in the U.

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Air Force prior to entering the ministry. Tell us about that. I completed my military service at the rank of captain. My military training taught me many things, including discipline and teamwork and to seek excellence in whatever you do. Q: What role did the historic accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen play in your decision to become a pilot? A: They greatly influenced my decision. When I was growing up, most of Tuskegee centered around the military.

We saw black aviators, like Chappie James, living in our community. I had the privilege of knowing many of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen because their sons and daughters were my classmates in elementary school. These men were larger-than-life heroes.

A Scrapbook of Prayers

I remember my first airplane ride was with Mr. Charles A. After my first plane ride, I knew I was destined to fly. Q: In , you left a successful career at IBM to go into full-time ministry. Describe why you felt led to make that decision. A: I had planned to make a career at IBM, to one day become president of one of its divisions.

I had done quite well at the company. But God had other plans. I had a call on my life. I knew God had called me into full-time ministry, but I did not have the strength, at first, to step out and leave my good-paying job at IBM. Oh, I had tried several times, but. Then, I heard a man of God teach on seedtime and harvest. When my son Ty started down a road of rebellion, my prayer partners cried out with me in faith for him.

0065 - What A Wonderful Privilege!

When we talk to Him, God does answer — in His timing and according to His perfect will. For years we prayed for Ty, and then one glorious day, he gave his life to Christ. The best investment. As mothers gather together, we not only make a difference in the lives of our children, but we also reap immeasurable benefits:.

You have an opportunity to give them a gift beyond compare by taking their current and future needs to God. I was touched, almost stunned. We sat on a train — Dad, my wife and I — ready to travel from our house in the northwest suburbs down to Chicago for the day. The incident occurred a few months before my wife, Angela, became pregnant, but we had been quietly thinking of starting a family.

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Dad began talking to Angela. I was reading a book but caught snippets of their conversation. I put down my book and looked over at Dad. I had never heard him say this before. I knew he loved and admired Angela, but this was new information. Dad began to share his personal prayer journey. He had started making requests to the Lord — for me — before I was even born.

I understood the usual prayer that accompanies childbirth: the health of mother and baby. To me, anything beyond that seemed over-the-top. So often I find myself getting caught in the tangle of the everyday that I lose perspective. Prayer settles me down and brings me back to my purpose as a parent. Can a son ask for anything more? And so I want Grace to have the same story and continue the generational journey with God.

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