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A gritty, fun-packed caper about a concrete-filled freezer that contains a fortune in gold, a dead body, and a steaming mess of trouble. A story about a father, a son and the black Baptist church they make their battleground. Following her breakup, a young woman spends a night and a day traveling along an iconic California beach, chatting with strangers and having little adventures. A rock-gospel musical about a mute who girl sells her soul to the devil for a singing voice so she can win the love of a boy.

Unexpected tragedy brings an African-American widower face-to-face with his estranged mother-in-law in rural Maine. A modern day love story about a working-class Glaswegian woman whose complicated life is forever changed when she falls in love with an American tourist.

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A naturalized U. Nisreen struggles with tradition when her Arab boyfriend leaves her at the crucial age of twenty-nine for not being a virgin — after they have sex. In Northern England, a family tries to come to terms with the death of their son in Iraq when a rootless young soldier maneuvers himself into their lives. A private detective is pulled into a web of intrigue while following a famed photographer.

His investigation unwittingly uncovers the workings of a dangerous cult. A young journalist travels to Somalia for a career-making interview with a pirate who has become Public Enemy 1 but when the danger escalates for both men, the reporter learns that the only way back may be to deliver the head of the man who is both hero and criminal.

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A story about an unlikely friendship between a troubled family from Harlem and young woman from Moldova who narrowly escapes the sex trade. From a forgotten world beneath our cities, a lowly young Mechanical falls impossibly in love with the woman he serves, and will risk everything to be with her.

A chance encounter between Nick, a thirty-year-old narcissist, and his childhood nemesis Elizabeth, puts into question his entire existence: past, present and future. Nerds at a science fiction convention must fight for their lives when gorgeous female vampires descend upon them looking for virgin blood. In the summer of , a spirited young girl tries to help her loving but troubled teenage babysitter who longs to be part of a normal family.

In a s mid-Atlantic beach town, a shy teenager, Radical Miracle, listens to rap music and dreams of ping-pong glory. An artful, comedic spin on the Hollywood formula. A beautiful, hedonistic Parisienne is forced to confront her choices and values by the unexpected return of the eighteen-year-old son she abandoned as a baby.

A South African village must feign poverty to attract donor funds, but when Swedish donors come to investigate, the deception sparks hilarity — and romance. An absurdly earnest Japanese man moves to Manhattan hell-bent on acting superstardom but discovers the path to success detours through a sushi restaurant kitchen. An ordinary street vendor and tinkerer of sorts forms an extraordinary friendship over the ham radio with none other than the Prime Minister of India. It is a friendship that will transform a nation and the men themselves. Three lonely sisters live under physical occupation which becomes mental and emotional oppression until their eighteen-year-old niece enters their lives and will change them forever.

In a barren land during a bizarre era, a young idler races through the fog on his motorbike trying to find love.

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  3. Tore des Bösen: Kärnten-Thriller (German Edition).

An emotionally numb prostitute becomes pregnant and with the help of some strong belly-dancing women, must give up her drugs, face her buried shame, and come to life. A love story between a woman who burns in flames when touched by sunlight and the human cannonball who crashes into her roof before sunrise.

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A tragicomic military epic following the power struggles of three female clerks at a remote Israeli army base during the course of one year. Comedy Spotlight on Documentaries: 60 Documentary features at an early financing stage i. After generations of violent conflict in East Timor, one courageous woman risks everything for the love of an imprisoned leader of a nation struggling for freedom.

Althea Gibson, a truant from the rough streets of Harlem, emerged as a most unlikely queen of the highly segregated tennis world of the s. Always in Season directed, produced, and written by Jacqueline Olive. Beware of Mr. Ginger Baker plays the drums. Life plays Ginger Baker. A film illustrating the power of art and poetry to change lives, using the life and work of pansexual performance artist James Broughton as a lens. When a gay Oklahoma teen commits suicide after a controversial city council meeting about LGBT history month, his community is left to unravel the mystery behind his death and explore the issue of homosexuality.

Now Mother Nature wants to push us back.

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The transformative story about Bill Shannon, a world-class performer who overcame unimaginable obstacles to create an utterly unique form of dancing and skating on crutches. A meditation on companionship, sacrifice, and the creative spirit, this love story explores the chaotic forty-year marriage of two New York-based Japanese artists. Pierre Dulaine, an internationally renowned ballroom dancer is planning to fulfill a lifelong dream — to teach ten-year-old Palestinian and Israeli children to dance together.

Dancing with N. The story of an unconventional rock band formed by six gynecological surgeons outraged at the wall of silence surrounding their field. It was time to make some noise. An aging Irish businessman, an aspiring Australian actress, and a widowed British bodyguard face extreme physical and emotional obstacles while running four treacherous desert ultramarathons. A rogue Indian government official, a visionary Australian inventor, and an indigenous Canadian activist are each transformed by monumental ecological challenges.

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Putting the care back into healthcare. More Americans are under the supervision of the criminal justice system than any other country. Who are the defense lawyers protecting the rights of the accused? Got Balz? Over a decade, photographer Gregory Crewdson attempts perhaps the most elaborate photographic project ever created: a series of cinema-like, incredibly detailed surreal tableaus of suburban life. Here Come the Videofreex!

Explores how a ragtag bunch of hippies attempted to revolutionize television. Hollywood Renegade directed, produced, and written by Benn Schulberg and executive produced by Ben Stiller. Budd Schulberg grew up a Hollywood prince and became one of the most famous writers of the twentieth century but also one of the most controversial. His youngest son undertakes an unforgettable journey to search for the truth.

Homegoings directed and produced by Christine Turner. Hyper-sexualized Disney starlets flaunt purity rings while writhing on stripper poles, and one filmmaker probes the power, and impact, of our improbable obsession with virginity. The coming-of-age story of four young Egyptian women during the Egyptian revolution.

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  • In the process of transforming their world, they change themselves. Curtis is fighting for his Detroit community basketball program for aspiring teenagers. He and his team are being fractured by the business of basketball.

    In this lyrical film, an out-of-service American school bus travels 3, miles with its new owner to Guatemala, where it is repaired, renamed, re-equipped and reborn. The extraordinary life of transgender activist, educator, and porn pioneer, Buck Angel. Prison Terminal directed, produced, and written by Edgar Barens. Offers an intriguing exploration of mortality, consciousness and identity from the perspectives of four distinct characters: a naturalist, a neuroscientist, a poet, and a historian.

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    Regeneration directed and produced by Adam Zucker. The contemporary story of a generation of young Poles who recently discovered their Jewish identity, and the their struggle to create a new community. A teenage filmmaker battles for her life as she begins to discover what life is.

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    In , the organization was destroyed. What happened?

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