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Choose a volunteer to count and record the votes on the board by putting tally marks next to the songs.

Your End-Of-Year Piano Lesson Plan

Once a song has been voted the class favourite you can either go straight into singing it or you can do some language work on the text first. On a transparency start writing out the words of the song and stop randomly and ask the class to fill in the missing word. You could keep the two teams you had earlier to increase their involvement and excitement. Bonus points cold be gained for correct spelling etc.

See a Problem?

Then once you have the words you can then go into the singing. You could repeat the whole process for the second favourite song if you have time. Grammar review 1 Put the class into four groups. Draw a noughts and crosses grid on the board. The size of it number of squares will depend on the time you have and the number of points you want to review. One group are the crosses, one noughts, one triangles and the fourth group squares.

Use different colour markers for each symbol. Do a trial game with you against the whole class to a.

Without any explanations here rub off the trial game and re-draw the grid but this time filling in the squares with grammar words they are familiar with i. You can also use this game to review any vocabulary you've seen over the year. Then explain for the real game to be able to win a square they must create a correct sentence using the grammar point in the square.

Ask the crosses to choose the square they would like to try and give them a minute to discuss a sentence. Nobody is allowed to do any writing during the game. At the end of the minute ask their spokesperson to give you the final sentence. Make sure the whole class are listening at this point. Now you don't say whether the sentence is correct or not. It is up to the other teams to decide. If they feel the sentence is incorrect then they can offer a correct one using the same vocabulary but just changing the mistake.

Finalize the Teaching-Learning Plan

The first team to put their hands up with a correct alternative can win the square. Only give each team one chance. If the original sentence is correct but the other teams think it is incorrect you can quickly tell them otherwise. Don't give any grammar explanations at this stage as it will slow down the game.

Jul 28, Thespillmonkey rated it it was amazing. I'm a duck hunter.

The Final Lesson

This story has a duck. I'm sold. Dec 05, Alexander G. I very much enjoyed the humor and relatable story of Talia and her journey in a magical high school. The tense scenes combined with laid back moments are all there for a purpose and develop the characters. I loved discovering the truth of the mysterious attraction Talia felt toward Professor Toothy's classroom. My favorite part was getting to know the characters and their backstories. Ten out of ten, would read again.

Feb 06, Ryan Pfeiffer rated it liked it. I'm really impressed with the story he was able to attach to the Professor Toothy cartoon. When I started reading it, it felt like it was going to be something that was going to feel planned from the original cartoon. Like this was all hidden backstory that was all going to add up.

And it is explained pretty well for something that required no explanation, but it does feel like it was written for the cartoon instead of vice versa. Which of course, it was. The first couple chapters jus I'm really impressed with the story he was able to attach to the Professor Toothy cartoon.

The first couple chapters just made me too excited for it I guess. Because he was creating this whole world for the story behind this one video. I wasn't disappointed by the ending, I thought it was good. I just didn't love it like I thought I would. Overall I think it was very written well and it's not very long so I'd recommend it, especially if you like Film Cow. I mean it's not as silly as most of his stuff but it definitely adds a lot to the original Professor Toothy cartoon.

I only have one complaint. Minor, vague spoilers: There's a Twist that comes with a character's introduction late in the book and that really comes out of nowhere. Which isn't really bad, but I feel like it could have easily been better by just having someone allude to that character a little bit, off hand, earlier in the story. I don't think it would have made the twist obvious to see coming but it would have made it possible to predict, which I think a twist like that should have. That part was still fine, it felt silly in the way that some of Jason Steele's scary stories he reads in his "Month of" videos feel silly, so it was good in that way.

But I think that part would've been better if it was played serious like the rest of the book was. I mean I think the main thing that makes this book funny is that it's played dead serious even though it's the backstory to this silly cartoon. Surprisingly good. I was sceptical about a book coming from Jason Steele. I expected a comic story in style similar to his cartoons, and comic stories are so rarely done well, and I bought it just to pay back for enjoyment I got of his free cartoon work.

It is actually coherent story, not an comic story, easily read with likeable characters and I have enjoyed it.

I do not read a lot though, and someone who does might want something more sofisticated. Not what i expected I first heard about this from one of FilmCows update videos, and assumed it was going to be a bizarre and hastily thrown together backstory for professor Toothy. I did not expect it to be an actual story with little of the absurdist humor Jason Steele puts into his cartoons. It's hard to choose one trait that someone expresses the most of!

I loved the characters and was able to connect to them easily! Some of the language in the book took a little time to learn but reading further in everything was eventually explained! I can't wait to continue the journey with these amazing charact The concept of the book where the characters had to find totems that are represented by certain people was an interesting topic to think about, and I really enjoyed how it was portrayed!

I can't wait to continue the journey with these amazing characters! Aug 16, Erhi Divina rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. I have some things that I like about this book and some things that I don't. Let's start with the things I like. I appreciate that the author put in great moral messages to readers. The story is about the journeys of different characters, intertwined by fate.

And through their entanglements, each learned more about who they are and what they can be. The main character, Leilana, especially had more to learn about humanity and morality. Even though the author used 3rd perspective, it wa I have some things that I like about this book and some things that I don't. Even though the author used 3rd perspective, it was fun to get to know Leilana's thought processes as she unravels about friendship, happiness, anguish even, love.

The plot was quite enjoyable. I feel the story was more leaning to middle grade than young adult. Sadly, the worldbuilding seems a bit off. I couldn't really grasp what kind of world they live in. There were kingdoms and magical beings, but it was not clearly stated how the kingdom and Warlords, Maesters, and Arcanas cope with each other.

What is the system in this world? I could not understand it.

Let the final lesson begin

From the beginning, readers were thrown into a world where Maesters and Arcanas had to go on a pilgrimage to become Warlords. Yet, until now I fail to understand what is really a Warlord, what is the importance of becoming one. I also think the author's elaboration of some emotions were quite confusing. Some were so deep and dramatic that I find it hard to understand some characters. Also, I feel like at page , there had been an unintended sexism.

Page ebook Harming an ill-intending man was one story, but seeing placing a woman in the same position was gut-wrenching. Yet it was the woman herself who had ill intentions. If she hadn't been stop, other victims could fall. So why does it differ when it comes to harming a woman? View 1 comment.