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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading As the Worm Turns Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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That was the Sea of Love, set in Renaissance Ireland. A-I was extremely unfortunate, and fortunate, to be starting my romance writing career at about the turn of the 21st century, when things were changing very rapidly in the world of publishing, and romance publishing in particular. Unfortunate, in that traditional publishing was coming under a lot of pressure from new technology, reader preferences, new authors, and the need to be ultra-profitable.

I was also fortunate for the same reasons. In other words, that there is more at stake than just the two of them falling in love. I was also fortunate to have started my romance writing career then for the same reasons. So for example, the Rakehell Regency series started as a single book in the traditional Regency, sweet style, though with a lot of gritty issues to be deal with and yes, I do love romantic suspense too, so every one of my novels has a mystery or crime to be solved. Then it became a fairly sweet trilogy because my editor told me how much series titles sell compared to single title.

By the time Book 4, The Matchless Miss , was clamoring in my head to be written, I was looking to write the kinds of books I wanted to read, but could NOT find on the romance shelves. Or even online, at a lot of the electronic houses! Not erotica, for instance, but genuinely sensual couples we can believe really FALL in love in the course of the book and have to work towards their happily ever after.

My heroes are by no means bored aristocrats, and very few of them are actual rakes in the series. I also deal with REAL history given my background as a literature and history teacher , and do not set my books in the Regency period only because the fashions were nice. A writer should never pen an historical romance if the history is not key in some way. You can just as easily write modern romance if that is going to be the case.

Q-You use the word gritty.

At the same time, though, there is an almost magical quality to your writing. A-Thank you, I do work hard at it, because I really want to capture in the couple not only the feeling of falling in love, but that it transforms, redeems, heals, makes each hero and heroine grow, and work to be worthy of the other. A-Mmm, yes, Books 5 and 6 of the series. As I said, once I got to the stage of producing more sensual novels, with more love scenes, I was looking to challenge myself in other ways. At that time, everyone was asking me to do a sequel or 3 to Scars Upon Her Heart , or at least let them catch up with the main characters in that novel in some way.

I did want to do a series, so it became the Scars of the Heart series, and The Scarred Heart one of the titles in it. It was tough doing a crossover book, but the magic of the Irish setting and the way Elizabeth falls in love in the novel really did make the book almost write itself in the end. As for Guardian of the Heart , I wanted Blake the diligent but repressed doctor to get the one thing he needs most in the world, true love, only to nearly lose it a couple of times through his own pride, or at least lack of awareness of who he is and how to love.

Arabella becomes an amazing woman through her suffering in the course of the novel, and Blake rises to the occasion to be worthy of her. Love, compassion, kindness, even in the face of some almost overwhelming obstacles, and some pretty nasty villains. The love story of Miranda Dane Lyons and George Davenant continues as George races against time to save the woman he loves from certain death. Miranda is determined to fight her way back to the man she loves, even though his secrets threaten any hope they may have of securing a happy future together.

But Miranda has secrets of her own, not least of which is her true identity as a wealthy heiress from a prominent family, not a country girl down on her luck as George has assumed.

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Rather than allowing the Rakehells and her family to seek justice for all she endures at the hands of the cunning men who have been scheming to keep the couple apart, Miranda goes after the nest of intriguers who have wronged both her and all of the Rakehells ever since the war against Napoleon began. Miranda is willing to carry her mission of justice and revenge right to the upper reaches of the shadowy halls of British power politics if it means keeping the people she loves most in the world safe from their nefarious plots.

Fresh up from the country to visit her brother in London, Miranda Lyons Dane gets involved in a daring prank thanks to the notoriously wanton beauty Georgina Jerome. The seemingly harmless game turns dangerous as Miranda is attacked by a cutpurse. Her rescue at the hands of the mysterious George Davenant leaves her feeling sure she is out of the frying pan and straight into the fire, for no man has ever made her feel the torrid heat of desire. Yet George is only ever spoken of in hushed whispers, for he is reputed to be the most vicious criminal mastermind the capital has ever seen.

Suddenly all of the assumptions Miranda had ever made about her life are turned upside down. George offers her the role as his leading actress in the ramshackle theatre he manages.

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Despite her fears, Miranda takes the job, and finds herself growing ever closer to her enigmatic but handsome employer. George is a master of many roles and disguises, the only way he can ever keep one step ahead of the peril that dogs his heels. Soon the forces which have forced George to make the most hellish choices of his life threaten to take from him the woman who is coming to mean more to him than life itself. Can George save Miranda, or will the two of them be torn from each other forever? This sensual and suspenseful Regency is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Gabrielle Howell enters the hellish asylum of Bedlam in London when her sister Lucinda is committed as insane by her husband the Earl of Oxnard.

During a riot at the asylum, Gabrielle is rescued by a handsome inmate known only as Simon, who seems to make an awful lot of sense for someone supposedly deranged. Drugged and suffering from a mysterious malady, Simon cannot remember his past. All his records seem to indicate he is a deadly killer incarcerated by his prominent family. But the more Gabrielle gets to know the fiercely intelligent and gentle man, the more she has her doubts that this could ever be true. Simon is principled, kind, and certainly no murderer. The passion that sparks between them is like nothing she has ever known, heady and addictive.

Even as their love deepens, the danger swarms in all around them. Simon began to tease Gabrielle, rippling his fingers over her peaks and valleys with a surety of touch which set her hips thrusting against his hand so desperately, he had all to do not to take her there and then. Explore you fully with it, and my fingers, and finally my straining manhood. Penetrate you with all three until you melted against me and called out my name. I would wander over every part of your body, so that you would know my touch everywhere.

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Bedlam insane asylum is not the most likely place for a genteel young woman to find her lover, but Gabrielle knows there is more to Simon than meets the eye. He comes to her rescue during a riot at the asylum, saving Gabrielle and her ill sister Lucinda, who is pregnant. Gabrielle is determined to repay the handsome but mysterious inmate whose slightest touch sets her afire.

Gabrielle must be at her most resourceful and clever as she seeks to save Simon from the hell on earth he has been forced to endure for the sake of his country during the Napoleonic wars. Once again, the author has penned a truly romantic book with an intimate and emotionally connected couple who share the most fabulous love scenes. I really enjoy the way that her ordinary men and women are called upon to do the most extraordinary things to win the happily ever after of their one true love.

Simon and Gabrielle are exceptional, a couple you will remember long after you have finished reading the book. Evelyn Trimborn, Italian Interlude. Alistair Grant prides himself on being an incorruptible barrister who defends those who need it most, even if it means running afoul of the Tory Government.

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  • Suddenly he finds himself a criminal on the run, falsely accused of murdering his client in Newgate Prison. The only witness to the crime is a handsome young man who gives him a lovely miniature of the most beautiful woman Alistair has ever seen, and sends him to The Three Bells tavern and brothel.

    Viola Morrison, an impoverished gentlewoman, lives in a secret room in the brothel, hidden there by her brother Sebastian, who fears his dubious business associates would be even more of a danger to her than the ladies of the evening. When Alistair comes to seek Viola, she is determined to help the attractive barrister discover the truth about who really killed his client. Never had he see a woman so fair. Her creamy skin, patrician features, lustrous green eyes, radiant skin, her mouth just made for kissing… She offered her lips up to him shyly, and he kissed her with glee.