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But why everyone else should come? I think just to participate in that magic I was speaking about.

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This is your opportunity. You never know who might be seeing this!

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  4. Sister Death and Other Tales of the Realms of the Dead?
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  6. Cheganca (The Great Arrival).

But I would say, probably somebody who is just dripping with talent in my particular interest and musical styles. I think the man is absolutely brilliant as a musician and as a performer. That would be really cool.

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The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

Learn more or join us as a community member! Share your comments below. May 15th, Not really a new update, but the Clint and Mac page has been improved with many new photos courtesy of Peggy from Ohio and a few notes. You might even say it's been spiv'd up Sharon Specht, one of Roy Williams grandchildren, has provided some additional information about his life and corrected the record on what happened after his passing.

She'd love to hear from Roy's other grandkids, write an email here to contact her.

May 1st, This month's update is coming a few days early since your webmaster will be offline for a week or more A third season Anything Can Happen Day page has been uploaded, using some of the material formerly on the Guests Stars page Longtime website visitor Marcia alerted me to Disney on Parole , a photo-laden blog by a former Disneyland cast member who perfomed with the Mouseketeers in their live shows of the early 's.

Check out his pages for March and September for candid photos of same Another interesting link with candid photos, this time from the 's, is this page from Reminisce webzine. Someone who has been mighty generous with source material asked for a page listing the Mouseketeers by season and team.


Seasonal casting was easy to provide, but team membership is little more than a guess. March 15th, For a mid-month update here's another production set still Lonnie's memoir made for fascinating reading. It's definitely worth buying for anyone interested in the Mickey Mouse Club , the Mouseketeers, and especially Lonnie Burr. I'm not going to reveal any of the Mouseke-anecdotes he relates, you'll have to buy the book, but here's my overall review on it.

March 1st, Well, this oughta be mighty interesting reading. I haven't got ahold of a copy yet, but from one or two hints Lonnie has dropped it seems like he has been quite candid about events and personalities encountered during his sixty years in show business. Lonnie will also offer signed copies on his own website in the near future. Confessions of an Accidental Mouseketeer , Lonnie Burr, February 27th, Sorry for the short notice, but those who of you watch The O'Reilly Factor might keep a lookout today for a show featuring a short interview with Lonnie Burr and Doreen Tracey.

February 15th, Two new photos have arrived for the Circus Acts page, courtesy of the Sullivan's grandchildren. Jim and Hildy Sullivan appeared twice on the show's first season.

2. Starry night lamp

The late Jim Sullivan taught Bobby Burgess how to ride the unicycle for this episode and a second season opening. If anyone has a copy of either of these two Circus Day shows they're willing to share, drop me a line. The Sullivan grandkids would like their grandmother Hildy to see the performance again as an 80th birthday gift.

Through the generosity of a website reader comes this photo memorial for Cheryl Holdridge. Cheryl and other Mouseketeers can be seen in video clips from a episode of Tomorrow that Don Brockway recently posted. Image courtesy of David Keeler February 1st, At the prodding of fellow webmaster Denise, the rollover text for images on the pages of this website has been made accessible to users of Firefox, Opera, and Safari thanks to Bart for testing the latter. If you use Internet Explorer you've always been able to see this verbage Apologies to anyone who had trouble with response time from the website during the second week of January.

The site normally gets around 1 million hits a month, but was registering that amount daily following Cheryl's passing An AOL user reports being unable to scroll down on pages of the website. If anyone else is having that problem, please let me know. January 1st, Happy New Year! This month's update is a profile on B. Norman , who played Ambitious in all three Spin and Marty serials Are your grandkids bored with their new toys already?

Check out this list of gift suggestions from Don Brockway. December 1st, Mary Espinosa stopped by to set the record straight on her birthplace and what she's been up to recently Lonnie Burr reports he and wife are moving to Oregon but the publication of his memoirs will be delayed Not having seen this for many years, it was inevitable that memory had played some tricks on my recollection of it. The biggest surprise was to find that Darlene Gillespie did make it into this serial. Look closely at the screen captures on the serial page and see if you can spot the only photo in which she appears.

November 11th, By now everyone who reads this website must have a copy of the latest Disney Treasures, but for those who haven't yet bought one, here's a quick glimpse of the Annette DVD. Considering this was a rush effort to replace a cancelled DVD project, the Disney folks did a credible job. The only shortcoming to this release would be the repeated material, the opening and closing episodes of the serial, which are also contained within the bonus features.

October 25th, Dipak Pallana , son of Kumar Pallana who appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club during a second season Circus Day as Kumar of India , is making a documentary film about his father's long career as a juggler and actor. He's looking for clips of his father's performance on the show. Anyone who can oblige can reach Dipak at dipak sonic. October 23rd, Mouseka-Personal Ad If you attended Van Nuys Jr High around , are one-half of the Cindy and Sandy singing duo, and remember your ol' buddy who used to stay with Lonesome George, you can reach that person at gcjill hotmail.

Some additional information about the crew member in the photo has recently come this way. PDT p. Cubby will talk about the The Mickey Mouse Club and his adult career as a professional drummer. Listeners will be able to call in questions on the station's toll-free numbers. The first is a thirty-minute video made in , to coincide with the release of the boxed CD collection of her Disney song recordings.

There's no word yet on whether any of the complete MMC shows will be included with the serial episodes. As the third season shows were only thirty-minutes in length, its possible more than one will be shown in its entirety. It would also have been nice to see the eight-episode Adventure in Dairyland as a special bonus. September 15th, Long heard only at exclusive Hollywood functions and A-list parties, Johnny Crawford and his Orchestra recently toured the country.

Great stuff, if you're like me and enjoy music from the 's and 30's. Click on the image for information on how to order a copy. September 9th, The new and improved Official Don Grady Website opened today, just two days before the fifty-first anniversary of his television debut on the "Fourth Anniversary" episode of Disneyland.