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Change in short-term liabilities excluding credits and [ In accordance with the provisions of this Directive the competent authorities of the Member States shall exchange any information [ The cooperating company claimed that when calculating the benefit under this scheme, the actual amount of tax paid by the company was not fully taken into account because [ Where an asset no longer forms part of the property belonging to the Communities for one of the reasons referred to in Article 33, the positive or negative difference between its book value and the amount [ The largest contribution to the [ Member States have introduced measures to improve [ Member States need to ensure that work pays [ If the cause for recognition of a revaluation write-down expires, such revaluation writedown shall be reversed, in the whole amount or in appropriate [ Profit or loss is the aggregate amount resulting from the deduction [ In addition to the adjustments already taken into account at provisional stage, [ On the other hand, if, by [ This gain or loss on the net monetary position may be derived as the difference resulting from the restatement of [ Current tax [ By Kate Brown , Aug 31, By Henri Neuendorf , Jun 5, By Julia Halperin , May 3, By , May 2, By , Apr 13, See our Privacy Policy for more information about cookies.

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